Evolution and Mormonism

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Why this site?
This website was primarily created so that members could find information on the compatibility between church doctrine and the study of evolution. There are wonderful sites on the net about the subject of evolution. Two of the best are on the Eyring website and the BYU website. These two sites are wonderful for scientific information, quotes and articles. What they lack is a clear response to the scriptural interpretations that seemed irreconcilable with evolution. Unfortunately, it has been difficult for members to access any information on the subject. There are a number of reasons for this. It is difficult to discuss these reasons without creating an atmosphere that might be interpreted as "speaking ill of the Lord's anointed." Know first, that in creating this site, we are committed to not doing this. However, in order to explain some issues, it may be necessary to mention the names of church leaders of the past who had differing opinions in order to explain the history of this discussion as it evolved within the church. This is intended only as information and not disrespect. Just because church leaders have disagreed with one another on this subject or any subject in no way should cast any shadow on their ability to lead and carry out their spiritual responsibilities.

Great quantities of information have come from scientists around the world especially in the last century. It has become increasingly clear that our Heavenly Father employed many natural methods in creating life on this world. The scriptures have never been intended as a manual on science. In fact, revelation clearly isn't only given through lines of authority. E=mc2 didn't come through the prophet. God has left to science the things that are of a scientific nature.

Reconciliation is a common habit of members of the church. We are generally obsessed with truth of all kinds. When we hear a quote from a church leader, we often want to reconcile it with what we have already learned from other sources. However, many members want different degrees of information. Not every member of the church wants to delve into the complexities of science so they can reconcile evolution and church doctrine. They simply want clear and reasonable explanations that a layman can understand.

This website was created primarily for this purpose. If one wants more information we will provide links. Please send your input and information on the website so that it can be improved. We would love to add your quotes and articles to the site. If you feel we have not adequately answered your questions, we are open to that too. Our e-mail address is evolve@bestweb.net. If you have questions, we will try to post them if they are concise.

Finally, anger has no place in civil or spiritual discourse. Please avoid contention in your correspondence. We understand that this subject is emotional to some of you, but this is a gospel of love. Without love, truth is virtually irrelevant. So, lets keep the discussions on a high level. Thanks.

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